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Hi and welcome to the Yankee Home Fragrance Store

Yankee Home Fragrance Stores are Ireland's premier retailer of Home Fragrance products including Yankee Candles, Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Lamps, Bomb Cosmetics (Bath Bombs and Creamers) Greenleaf Scented Sachets and Root Candles.

With over 200 fragrances to choose from we have more home fragrances than any other store in Ireland. We are dedicated to providing you with the best online service you can imagine!

Yankee And More and Yankee Home Fragrance Stores are a family owned independent business.

Latest Products

Boho Belle Gift Pack

Boho Belle Gift Pack

Fall into a bohemian daze with our collection of 5 retro products, all with pure essential oils

Each gift pack contains one of the following:
Flutter By, Butterfly Blaster 160g
Sweet Sundae Soap 100g
Free Spirit Soap 100g
Garden Party Mallow 50g
Rosehipster Buttercup 30g


Japanese Orchid - Lamp Fragrance

Japanese Orchid - Lamp Fragrance

The unmistakably delicate scent of exotic orchid is perfectly complimented by a bouquet of soft oriental aromas. Chiffon-sheer notes of amber and musk gently accentuate this beautifully blossoming fragrance.

Fragrance Type: Sweet & Floral